Community is my War Horse

December 8, 2011

You know that story, War Horse, where a boy’s beloved horse is sold to the Army during World War I.  The boy is completely distraught at the separation.  He would join the war effort himself  just to be close to his buddy, only he is too young.  So instead, he sits at home on Thursday nights and cries  for approximately 30 minutes, starting at 8pm.

Wait.  Nope.  That last one is me because Community is going away on a who knows how long hiatus, not to mention its questionable renewal status for a fourth season.  I feel like I’ve lost  my War Horse, my Horsebot 3000.  And if you assholes would have watched Community, not only would you get that reference, but it might not be going away!

I apologize for that outburst.  I just get so Changry knowing that Whitney has been promoted like a Kardashian wedding, but unlike a Kardashian marriage, it still exists.  And Two and a Half Men?  Yep, that’s still a thing.  These shows are the upper deckers of the network television toilet, and yet it’s Community that might get flushed.  I don’t know if that metaphor even made sense, but cut me some slack.  I’m no Troy Barnes when it comes to plumbing.

Here is the one good thing that could come out of the mid season break:  You now have some time to catch up on Community before it comes back on to finish the season.  Huzzah!!

It will be educational:

  • Learn what it takes to be a member of the chicken finger mafia
  • Take your paintball strategy up a notch, then another notch after that
  • Make it to Level 5 Laser Lotus in record time by staying “Streets Ahead”
  • Discover tactics of surviving a zombie outbreak
  • Study Batman Behavior 101
  • Find out a surprising way to defeat Norwegian Troll Dolls that defies logic
  • Finally learn the answer to the question “What’s dean got to do with it?”

So put up your best blanket fort and get to watching all the Greendale goodness you’ve been missing the past 3 years.  Hulu just picked up every episode if that helps motivate  you.  If that doesn’t do it, imagine me descending into the darkest depths of pathetic where I spend all my time creating YouTube Community tribute videos set to sad Sara McLachlan songs, decrying the demise of one of the best television comedies of all time.  Please do your part to prevent this.  I want to stay a mostly normal Human Being.